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Cultural Activities

The Japanese Cultural Society is the only local social organisation which actively promotes Japanese cultural activities & offers its members excellent opportunities to sample the unique Japanese cultural experience in Singapore.


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Taiko (Japanese Drums)

Traditional Japanese drums have, in most cases, origins from festivals. This music called the "Taiko", switched with ease from battlefield to shrine worship. The drum music today, however, plays a new role. Its dynamic rhythm is used to celebrate openings and grand occasions. The instruments of drummers have also become more diversified, and other instruments such as the flute, gong, etc., found their way into the group.

Sousaku (Creative Art)

Apart from origami, the club offers other basic Japanese craft lessons such as 3-D relief art, pinched fabric art and washi paper crafts as part of understanding the art and culture of Japan.


Buyo (Dance)

Buyo - Japanese dances, is a popular pastime among the Japanese, from the young to old. In the past, following the prohibition of Kabuki dancing by women, all professional Japanese dancers were men. But, far more women than men practice Odori (Japanese dance) in the present days. For fun or as a form of exercise, join us & delight in this cultural heritage of Japan.


The simplest way of learning Japanese pronunciation is through singing. Join us and immerse in the fun during our singing sessions conducted by Japanese instructor. Learn to sing Japanese songs and excel in the language.

A cappella

Our A cappella's repertoire consists mainly of Japanese popular hit songs and anime songs, differentiating itself from the choral group to give a refreshing audio experience. Be mesmerized by beautiful voices as you sing.