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Elementary Course

Class Schedule

Once a week @2.5 hour per lesson

Mon 1900-2140hr A 1 (Commencement
date: 09/1/2023) Thu 1900-2140hr A 2 (Commencement
date: 11/1/2023) Sat 1000-1240hr A 3 (Commencement
date: 07/1/2023) Sat 1630-1910hr A 4 (Commencement
date: 07/1/2023) Sun 1000-1240hr A 5 (Commencement
date: 08/1/2023)
JLPT N 5 class for Beginners
Wed 1900-2140hr N 5 (Commencement
date: 10/1/2023)


The elementary (beginners) course is open to the public for enrolment in November and May.
New intake (January 2023): opens from 21 November 2022 .
Course fee for one year (conducted once a week @2.5hr): $854/- inclusive of GST

Annual Intake

Registration for Elementary Japanese Language
Course opens in mid-November.New Intake for Beginners in January 2023.

Registration for Higher-Level Course
(For the general public only)

Limited vacancies only! First-come-first-served basis.
Qualifying test is required.

Qualifying Test

For Intermediate and Advanced courses, applicants are
required to sit and pass the appropriate qualifying test.

Qualifying Test Dates:
6,7 or 8 December 2022 at 7pm

Please contact 63383428 for details.

J.L.P.T Certificate

Applicants with Janpanese language proficiency certificates (J.L.P.T) issued by the Japan Foundation may enroll for
admission to a higher level course.

The standard of the course levels is as follows:

Advanced i course:
(JLPT N4 or equivalent)

Intermedicate course:
(JLPT N5 or equivalent)

Further-Advanced course:
(JLPT N2 or equivalent)

Advanced II course:
(JLPT N3 or equivalent)

J.L.P.T certificate holders are exempted from the qualifying test.
Applicants are required to produce their JLPT certificate for registration.

Certificate of Graduation

Students who passed the final exam will be awarded with certificate from the JCS Japanese Language School. Certificates of merit from the Japanese Cultural Society
and Embassy of Japan in Singapore are awarded to outstanding and top students.

As student at JCS, you get to learn & enjoy for free:

. How to wear a Japanese yukata/kimono
. Japanese creative art
. Japanese manners / etiquette
. Japanese tea ceremony
. Japanese performing arts, drum, dance, choir etc.

JCS holds the Japanese Corner for our students to practice conversation with native Japanese residing in Singapore.

For enquires/ registeration,
please email to