Japanese Cultural Festival


Activities / 活動について

As a cultural centre, JCS offers Japanese language classes, Japanese folk dance, Japanese choir, karaoke, Japanese drums, tea ceremony, Japanese art of paper-folding (origami) & calligraphy lessons.


Events / 行事/イベントについて

The Japanese Cultural Festival is an annual affair organized by the Japanese Cultural Society supported by the Embassy of Japan,the Japanese Association & the Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

It is held between August to October every year and the programs include public performances, shows, musicals, contests and exhibitions etc. This is to provide Singaporeans with an opportunity to understand and appreciate the Japanese culture and at the same time brings back the hometown nostalgia to Japanese residents in Singapore.

We look forward to your support.

日本文化祭」は毎年恒例の行事で、本協会が日本大使館・日本人会・日本商工会議所と共催で行うものです。 皆様のご支援をどうぞよろしくお願いいたします。

JCS "2023 Calendar of Events"

JCS "2023
Calendar of Events"

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July 2023

Asia Pacific Children's Convention (APCC) to Fukuoka, Japan

Exchange program in Fukuoka, Japan. Children aged 11 are welcome to apply.

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51st Japanese Cultural Festival 2023

Music Concert at Drama Centre
(National Library, Victoria Street)

on Sunday, 29 October 2023 at 2.00pm

Japanese drums, dance & choir

* Complimentary tickets available 2 weeks before the event at the Japanese Cultural Society.

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