エグザミネィション / 試験

Japanese Language Proficiency Test

Organized by Japan Foundation & Japan Education Exchanges & Services (JEES) conducted by the Japanese Cultural Society of Singapore.

The objective of the test is to let Japanese language students know their level of proficiency as well as to enhance their enthusiasm for the learning of the language for mutual understanding among nations.

The test is made up of different sections:

Information on JLPT (Dec) 2019

Test Date: Sunday, 1 December 2019

TEST CENTRE for (Dec) : PSB (Marina Square)

    1. Test Notice 
    2. Test Time-Table
    3. Information on Test Centre   
    4. Map of Test Centre 

Please note that the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (STSM Run) will take place on the same day in the area around Marina Square from 6am to 10am. Candidates sitting for the N4 and N5 tests are advised to be early as some bus routes may be temporarily diverted in the morning. You may prefer to take MRT train to the test centre to avoid traffic jam. Drivers are to note that some road blocks are expected in the morning.


Results of JLPT (Jul) 2019 is available online,  click here  http://www.jlpt.jp/e/guideline/results_online.html

      2019 Test Dates on JLPT: 

1. December Test: Sunday, 1 December 2019 (Registration: from 13 August to 6 September) 
2. July Test: Sunday, July 2020 (Registration: from mid-Mar to early-Apr 2020)

(Opening hours: from Mon to Fri, 2.30pm - 8.00pm, closed on Sat, Sun & public holidays)

Online Registration

Opens for three weeks during the period of registration

1. July Test : from March

2. December Test : from 13 August to 1 September 2019

Enquiries & Registration:

The Japanese Cultural Society, Singapore
Midland House, 112 Middle Road #05-00, Singapore 188970. 
Tel: 63383428.

Application Procedure:

A) To submit your application personally at the Japanese Cultural Society, please note that:

      1. The application form is chargeable at $2.00 per set.
      2. Test Fee: Level N1: $70 / N2: $68 / N3: $66 / N4: $60 / N5: $58.
      3. Photos are not required.

 B) For online registration, please refer to table below.

Online Registration (Photos are NOT required)

Opens for 3 weeks in the month of March / August. 

If you wish to register online, please download Test Guide

This is your guide to filling up the application form. You may encounter problems registering if you do not download the test guide.

Please download this form to finalize your Online Submission after completing the steps below.

Send this form by email to: jlpt@jcss.org.sg within 3 days after you submit your online application to complete your registration.

 Points to note:

  1. As a rule, applicant is not allowed to register for more than one level of the test.
  2. The 'address' that you provide on your online application will serve as your 'mailing address' for both your test voucher and your score report. Only local (Singapore) address will be accepted. If there is any change in your address, please send an email to jlpt@jcss.org.sg to update the detail. (Tentative date for mailing of Test voucher for JLPT (Dec): 25 Oct 2019 / Tentative date for mailing of Score Report Mar 2020.)
  3. Please download the Test Guide before you proceed to register online.
  4. You are required to download the form "Online Submission" and email to : jlpt@jcss.org.sg to complete your online registration.
  5. Payment must be made online. Your application will not be processed if we do not receive your payment.
  6. Your test voucher together with a test notice & map of the test cenre will be mailed to you 3 weeks before the test date. Please ensure that your mailing address is correct. 
  7. Please call JCS Registration office at tel: 63383428 if you have any questions.
  8. To register JLPT online, click here.